How to Register on Yaadi Store as a Seller

In this document we have explained a step by step process for new Seller registrations & products creation on yaadi store website.

Seller Registration Process

Step 1: Open chrome browser

Step 2: type in the url and press enter.

Step 3: Wait for the homepage to load.

Step 4: Click on Seller Registration from the menu

Step 5: Seller registration form will show up.

Step 6: Fill and submit the form using your email, password and phone number. other 2 fields are optional, you can add your company name and website address owned by you.

After completing all above steps your Seller account will be created on Yaadi Store.

Step 7: Now welcome page will be displayed like below, click on lets go to setup your store.

Step 8: Store setup form will open, now fill up the your store details and select timezone UTC+5:30 and click on continue button.

Step 9: Select payment method “Direct Bank Transfer” and press continue.

Step 10: Now your online store is ready & you can start adding your products to the store, now click “Create a Product ” button.

Step 11: Now add product page will be shown like below, click the link “create a new product”

Step 12: Now select a category page will open, here you can select the existing category from the list, if required category not found then you can select “Vendor Products” category.

Step 13: Now Add Product Details page will open, add your product title, short description, product description, image, regular price & selling price and also you can add sku or barcode number in inventory tab & press submit. and your product will be successfully created.

Step 14: To manage and see all your products check the left side menubar, click on Product Manager-> All Products.

To add more products click Product Manager -> Add Product

Step 15: To see customer orders for your products you can click on “Orders” from the left menu bar.

Step 16: To see the storefront , your profile or logout your account you can click the icon of the men in the right corner.

Yaadi store seller registration process video

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